Have you ever wanted to headpat a monster girl or monster boy? No? Well, you're in luck! Welcome to headpat simulator (actual, legitimate title pending), where you can do all that and more! 

headpat simulator is a text adventure built in Twine where you play as a pretty normal bloke or dame living in a city,  passing each day largely unremarkably. In this city you can come across a variety of extraspecies individuals where you can decide their gender! Yes, each and every one of them! Every single major character doesn't have a set gender! You're welcome. Make friends with them, learn more about them, headpat them, help them, generally be a good person?

This game will be updated over time with new content, complete with a full storyline, and optional adult content, if there's a demand for it. Do look forward to it! And it would also be greatly appreciated if you would support the dev :)


Currently, headpat simulator includes:

  • Encounters with 2 characters, a wolf and a melusine (winged snake)
  • The ability to take the wolf home and headpat them
    • Some of the wolf's background!
  • The ability to buy a drink for the melusine
    • Some of the melusine's background!
  • Too much effort put into drink descriptions at the cafe.

headpat simulator has been updated as of 27/11/2018

The option to save your game has unfortunately been removed for now, because people have been reporting that it doesn't work. It will be added again when the dev figures out how to unbreak it :')

A bit more content has been added for the wolf and melusine!

Next on the agenda:

The wolf's first story arc is now in the works: stay tuned!

Development log